Services Exconsolution


Constructions to improve your quality of life.

Our specialty is the construction of homes, of any type or size. We offer a transversal service, ranging from the initial design to the execution of the turnkey work. When it comes to construction projects, having experts in the field can make the difference between success and failure. Construction experts not only have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, but are also capable of offering effective solutions to challenges that arise during the construction process. Their expertise allows you to identify and solve problems efficiently, avoiding delays and unnecessary costs. Additionally, these construction specialists are up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry, allowing them to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions.


Reforms to improve your quality of life.

Our specialty is comprehensive home renovation, always with the help of our experts who have the ability to offer solutions to problems that arise during the construction process. These problems can range from small structural flaws to design problems that require creative and effective solutions. The experience of construction experts allows them to quickly detect and resolve these problems, ultimately ensuring the quality of construction. Furthermore, these experts always take safety into account, whether in design or final construction, to ensure that clients can enjoy their property safely and lastingly.


Heritage to improve your quality of life.

Whether made of wood, stone/masonry, metal or concrete, a property classified as of cultural interest, and/or subjected to any type of protection, undergoes transformations and deteriorates over time. Excon solution offers its customers proven solutions for the repair, reinforcement and protection of structures. The resources and solutions allow our company to carry out repair, rehabilitation, reinforcement, or protection and maintenance work following the standards and rules of architecture and engineering, as well as the conventions, letters and agreements that have been established in the field of restoration. been subscribed, always ensuring respect for the environment.